TWC/2014/0463 Full planning application Chetwynd Deer Park -Removal of Condition 1


In relation to the application, we object to the removal of condition 1 of TWC/2011/0702 on the basis that from the objections from residents nearest to the Chetwynd Deer Park, it is apparent that not all the requirements for traffic control and noise have been complied with.
As per the objection from the resident of no.1 Blue House Barns, due to the time it took for the application to actually go before T&W Plans Committee i.e. September 2012, that a 3 year trial period has not actually been covered.
The report by the officer to the T&W Plans Committee in 2012, gave 4 tiers of usage regarding types of event i.e. First Tier -Newport Show; Second Tier -other shows; Third Tier -small external events including firework displays and wedding receptions; Fourth Tier – educational visits.
As it would appear from the objections that it is the Second and Third Tier events which cause unacceptable intrusion from noise etc., we would suggest a further full 3 year trial period i.e.over 3 summer periods when noise etc. will be at it worst plus a monitoring of events as an increase in the Fourth Tier usage would allow increased usage without noise and parking issues.
We would also comment, that it is clear from the application, that the assertion by T&W at various forums where strategic planning matters regarding open and accessible green spaces in and around Newport have been considered, that the Chetwynd Deer Park is private land which is predominantly used as an income source and is not open to access all year round for the use of the general public.

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