TWC/2013/0855 -land to the rear of Willow Tree Cottage 51 homes – Shropshire Homes

The following objection was submitted to the Newport Town Council Plans Committee for consideration at its meeting on Wednesday 15 January 2014 :-
We object to the plans for the scheme as currently presented.
The applicant has done little or nothing to make changes to the scheme as previosuly presented and in some instances is simply contesting the views of the relevant T&W officers and/or objections raised by others.
Our objection is based on the decision by Secretary of State Eric Pickles, issued on 26 November 2013, regarding. a scheme for housing units in Colne, Lancashire, where Secreatary of State Eric Pickles found that the scheme fell ‘..significantly short of expectations for high quality design..’. In this regard he found ‘..little evidence to connect the housing into its countryside setting..’ contrary to the requirements in NPPF.
Although T&W have recently massively reduced the housing land supply from circa 13 years to 2.5 years for reasons still not properly explained and/or justified, the Secretary. of State said that where the local authority for the area including Colne, had also less than a 5 year housing land supply, the proposals were, nevertheless, ‘.. relatively unsustainable because of failings with the design approach..’.
He concluded that the adverse impacts of the scheme ‘..significantly and demonstrably..’ out weighed the benefits and that the scheme would not, therefore, meet the tests as regards the presumption in favour of sustainable development.On this basis he rejected the application.
We assert that the same principles taken by Secretary of State Eric Pickles, apply to this revised application and that the applicant should be instructed to withdraw the application. In the event that it is not withdrawn, the officer recommendation to the T&W Plans Committee should be to reject the application for the reasons set out above and the detailed reasons given by Secretary of State Eric Pickles in his November 2013 decision.
Finally, the MP for Wrekin, Mr. Mark Pritchard recently tweeted that in all the debate about where and how houses should be built, that the importance of the quality of design should not be forgotten.


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