T&W Report on the public consultation for the proposed changes to various roads in and around Newport

Responses from residents to the public consultation held towards the end of last year following an information event at Cosy Hall have been taken into account by T&W in the report which can be viewed at the link below :-


The information below details the next steps in the process :-

The completed report is attached. This has now been sent to Newport Town Council and the Newport Community Safety Partnership.
The response rate was very low indeed.

Telford & Wrekin Council’s view is that there are certain schemes – which you will see, where we are comfortable to proceed and are now doing so. However there are also schemes that have very little data to support them from a road safety perspective. However the Town Council and Community Safety Partnership may still want to press ahead with those schemes as proposed, even where support is low from the consultation. If that happens Telford & Wrekin Council will need to see the full support and agreement of the Town Council and Community Safety Partnership before undertaking further work.

You should also be aware that for any schemes where a Traffic Regulation Order is required then there is a legal requirement to carry out specific consultation on the individual Traffic Regulation Order. This will allow people to object if they truly disagree with that proposal and Telford & Wrekin Council would need a sound justifiable reason to overcome any objections.

Telford & Wrekin Council is now waiting for Newport Town Council and Newport Community Safety Partnership to review the report findings and come back to us with their proposed way forward.

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