The Vision for Newport -T&WC Council Leader Shaun Davies.

It is approximately 10 years ago that Cllr Shaun Davies gave a presentation of his detailed “Vision for Newport”. Many of our members were in attendance at the presentation. We have invited Cllr. Davies to review the successes and how the Council see the future for Newport over the next decade. Either Cllr Davies or a member of the Council’s Cabinet will attend.

The talk will be held on Tuesday 28th November 2023,commencing at 7.30 pm at Newport Cricket Club.

Annual membership is £12 per individual; £20 per couple. Membership can be taken up at our meeting on 26th September 2023, to be held at our usual venue Newport Cricket Club, where the bar is open, for our monthly speaker meetings.

£4 charge for attending an individual speaker meeting without taking up the offer of membership.

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