Email T&W – Objection TO -TWC/2013/0297 -Outline app . circa 85 dwellings on land off Edgmond Road Newport

In relation to the above planning application, the Save Newport Campaign supports the view of the Newport Town Council Planning Committee,as reported on the front page of the Newport Advertiser, that ‘Enough is Enough’ regarding applications to build homes on green field land in and around Newport..
If you feel the same then please show your support by sending an email to T&W. before 21 May 2013.
Set out below, is a draft form of wording which you may wish to consider. Please feel free to add,omit or amend the wording as you see fit.
Please put your name and address at the end of your email so that T&W accept as a valid objection.
Thank you for your continuing support on the many challenges facing Newport largely due to the actions of T&W :-

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Subject line -TWC/2013/0297-Outline application for 85 dwellings on land off Edgmond Road Newport
In relation to the above application, I wish to register an objection to the application.

I support the views of Newport Town Council Planning Committee. The T&W Core Strategy 2007, provides for a target figure of 600 homes for Newport for the period 2006 to 2016. With over three years still left to run to the end of 2016, I understand that the 600 figure has been exceeded. As many of the approved applications are for green field sites., no further applications should be put before the T&W Plans Board until substantial progress has made in building homes on the sites.

Until such time as T&W bring forward a Local Plan for public consultation and the Local Plan has been examined by a Planning Inspector, I will only support applications for houses to be built on the brown field sites in Newport,including Water Lane,for which T&W published a Planning Statement in 2003 i.e. 10 years ago and yet the land still remains in a deplorable state.

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