MPs to investigate house-building quality including design quality of indivdual houses and estates.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment intends to examine the potential for improving every aspect of the product handed over to new home-owners.

The committee, which is guided by the Construction Industry Council, is concerned that the push for a massive increase in new housing supply could lead to a deterioration in quality.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment (APPGBE) has established its 4th Commission of Inquiry to address this subject and has issued the call for anyone with ideas on how the quality of new build housing might be improved to submit their evidence.

The commission is looking for evidence of practical strategies that, for example:
•improve design quality and spatial standards, both at the level of individual new homes and estates of new housing;
•ensure better quality workmanship;
•ensure the effective control and implementation of regulations impacting on the construction of new homes;
•have the potential for implementing smart housing with interoperable services and the provision of better and smarter information to new homeowners;
•bring forward the opportunities afforded by offsite manufacturing, 3D printing, BIM and other new technologies;
•provide new innovative ideas for design quality improvement;
•cut operational and maintenance costs for the homeowner; and
•improve new home owner experience and improved customer service.

Written submissions should be sent to no later than Friday 30th October 2015. There is further information on the CIC website.

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