Important Information – Rescheduled Examination Hearings – Telford &Wrekin Local Plan 2011-2031

As a reminder about the below, only Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st have times set.
The timings, days, topics to be considered on each day may change so please check the Examination timetable from the link below to make sure the date/day/topics/start times have not been altered before you leave to go to Telford.

I am pleased to confirm that the Examination timetable has now been rescheduled as follows:

Week 1

Monday 30 January 2017:

Matter 1 (part) Housing: Needs & Requirement (Q1.1-1.3)

Tuesday 31 January 2017:

AM: Matter 2 Duty to Co-operate & Relationship to Other Plan Areas

PM: Matter 1(part) Housing Supply (Q1.4-1.5)

Wednesday 1 February 2017:

Matter 3 Development Strategy

Matter 4 Economy & Community

Week 2

Thursday 9 February 2017:

Matter 5 General Development Requirements and Specialist Housing

Matter 6 Environment

Matter 7 Environmental Resources

Friday 10 February 2017:

Matter 8 Site Allocations

– Objections to allocated sites

– Non-allocated sites (if required by representors).

Any Other Matters

What Happens Next

Please note:

• This programme is likely to be subject to change as the examination proceeds. For up-to-date information please contact me or view the examination website.

• References to Matters relate to the Inspector’s Matters, Issues and Questions paper (which was previously issued separately).

• The afternoon session on Monday 30 January 2017 will begin at 2pm. Other sessions will start at 10am.

The Examination Hearings will take place at Meeting Point House, Town Centre, Telford, TF3 4HS. Please see the Examination Web site at

for full details of the hearing sessions and to check any changes or updates to the programme. The Examination Guidance notes, responses to the Inspector’s

Matters, Issues and Questions and all relevant documents are also available via this link.

In the meantime, please contact me if you need further assistance.

Yours faithfully
Tina Kelly
Programme Officer

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