T&W fail to bring forward a Local Plan

The National Trust and CPRE have recently separately published reports that identify that the majority of local authorities (including T&W) have failed to bring forward a Local Plan which would include the forecast of housing need for the next 10-15 years.

Both bodies also identify that  brown field developments are not taking place before green field. This is borne out in Newport where T&W some 10 years ago brought forward a Planning Statement for Water Lane which still remains as a ‘scar on the face of Newport’.

The greater concern is that both National Trust and CPRE identify that the Growth and Infrastructure Bill contains provisions that allows any approved housing application to have an affordable homes element removed and for green field to be preferred over brown field. This is to continue until at least April 2016.

CPRE have a  standard letter that can be emailed to our MP and  asks the MP to write to Secretary of State Pickles to reinforce brown field first and the need to increase the percentage of affordable homes in any housing development.

Please click on the link below to access the standard letter :-



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