Extended time to submit objections on 3 Newport planning applications

Following representations from SNC, T&W have agreed to accept any objections up to the end of Monday 8th June 2015.

The 3 Newport planning applications are – Station Road (TWC/2011/0871); Land to rear of Willow Tree Cottage (TWC/2013/0855); Land to north of Audley Avenue (TWC/2011/0827) . They will be considered by a reconstituted (post election) T&W Planning Committee on the 24th June 2015.

It is important that objectors email or write to the Council (planning.control@telford.gov.uk ) re-iterating that they wish their original objections to be noted and adding any of the following additional objections or any others residents wish to raise:

– the publication (20th March 2015) of a revised 5 year Housing Land Supply Statement demonstrates that the Council does in fact have an 8 year supply of land for housing i.e. nearly double the amount of land required to meet housing needs over the next 5 years.

– because the Council does now have sufficient land for housing to meet forecast housing needs over the next 5 years (to 2019), then any decision made now by Planning Committee would be premature, and that the particular site should now be considered as a potential development site as part of the forthcoming new Local Development Plan (Shaping Places), for which a draft for consultation, outlining proposed development sites over the period to 2031, is to be published in late June 2015;

– the Council’s current Development Plan (Core Strategy + saved policies from the Wrekin Local Plan), which runs to 2016, still applies, and that therefore the policies relating to the retention of open space also still apply;

– the whole process is a smoke screen and the main intention is to make the applicants safe from any future legal challenge as suggested in the letters issued by T&WC to the various applicants in April 2015.

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