Curious Statement by T&W Planning

T&W Plans Cttee. Muxton/Lilleshall Housing Refusal
The Minutes of the T&W Plans Cttee. of 17 December 2014, which refused to give outline planning approval for 110 dwellings to be built on greenfield land at the Lilleshall end of Muxton Lane have now been published.The Minutes record a comment from the T&W Assistant Director for Planning (Mr Barker) as follows :-

‘ The Assistant Director …also commented on a statement in the applicant’s further submission that asserted ‘Council unable to demonstrate five year supply of housing land so housing supply policies out of date’. The Assistant Director reported that he had recently met with the Planning Minister, that the Core Strategy was still a valid document, and that the Minister had also recognised the difficulties local authorities were facing in terms of delivering the 5 year supply of housing land under the current rules.’

We have highlighted this statement as the relevance of the Core Strategy 2007, which runs until the end of 2016 or until a Local Plan is adopted by T&W (not likely to happen until some time in 2016) and the housing numbers for Newport and the rural areas referenced in the Core Strategy, is something SNC has raised repeatedly with both officers and members at T&W only to be told that the target total housing numbers cannot apply due to the changes brought in under the NPPF by the coalition government in 2012. Therefore,the Statement from the Assistant Director at a planning meeting at the end of 2014, does not sit easily with the previous position taken by T&W.We are seeking clarification of the statement in the Minutes

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