Friends Against Scams

Newport and District Civic Society will be holding its second presentation of its membership year on the 30th October, the speaker will be Janine Loxton.

Scams are the fastest growing type of crime in the UK. More than 50% of the population aged over 65 has been targeted by a scammer , yet just 5% of victims report the fact. There are many types of scams, and approaches are continually changing, the four main types are postal, telephone, doorstep and online.

It is just not the over 65’s who are targeted, identity theft now accounts for 56% of fraud ,and the greatest increase of this type of fraud is in the 21 -30 age group. We have seen customers as young as 13 ‘sell’ their bank account details for a small payment, unaware that they will be continually contacted by the criminals behind the scam.

Natwest is proud to be a founding partner of the the ‘Friends against Scams’ programme together with the National Trading Standards. The aim of the programme is simple – to reduce the number of people falling victim to criminal scams. Janine as Natwest’s Community Banker for Shropshire, Wolverhampton, and the Black Country hosts regular events across the community to educate people on being financially fit , living in the digital world, and preventing fraud. She has been a Community Banker since March 2018 and has worked within Natwest Branch Banking for the last 10 years.

We encourage anyone wanting to find more about keeping themselves, community groups, their family and friends safe from fraudsters to come along to the talk. If you want to join the Society, an annual subscription of £10 gives free entry to each speaker meeting.

Everyone is welcome, the presentation will be held on –

Tuesday 30th October 2018, 7.30pm in St. Andrews Church Hall , Church Aston TF10 9JG.
A small charge of £2 is made for non-members to cover hall costs and refreshments.

AGM 2018 plus speaker on Victoria County History Shropshire: Present and future projects

Newport and District Civic Society commences its new membership year on 25th September 2018, with a presentation by Dr. Judith Everard on’’VCH Shropshire’.
If you want to join the Society, an annual subscription of just £10 a year gives free entry to each speaker meeting, so come along on 25th September 2018 and join.
The Society will be holding a short AGM following the presentation by Dr. Everard.

Since its re-launch in 2014, ‘VCH Shropshire’ has been working on both Shrewsbury and Wem with the aim of producing the hallmark VCH ‘red books’ on North Bradford hundred.
The next area of interest is Newport and the Weald Moors. Dr Judith Everard will present findings from her work on Wem and ideas for the project’s future regarding a Newport scoping study, which is the first part of writing the ‘short’ History of Newport .
Help will be needed from local people to start researching and writing the new and definitive History of Newport and it is understood that Newport Town Council have given money to help with the cost of the scoping study.
Come and hear details of the recent work on the VCH Shropshire and how you could help with the History of Newport

Dr Judith Everard is a medieval historian by training. She has worked as contributing editor for Victoria County History Shropshire since 2015.

The presentation will be held on –
Tuesday 25th September 2018, 7.30 pm in St Andrew’s Church Hall, Church Aston TF10 9JG.
A small charge of £2 is made for non-members to cover hall costs & refreshments.


Newport Regeneration Partnership is committed to continuing its work to represent Newport and the local community especially as we work towards the Newport Innovation Park.

The Partnership has, over many years, led the way and has built up a successful relationship with its partners and has delivered on a number of successful projects.

Members remain proud of this exciting project, not only for Newport and the surrounding areas, but for Telford & Wrekin and for Shropshire and we are confident that our continued efforts to secure the right type of jobs are important. We have appreciated the support of MPs, Ministers and MEPs, many of which have visited the site, and together we have driven our objectives which will see Agri-Tech and Scientific employment on the new site.

Harper Adams University and Telford & Wrekin Council representatives have attended our meetings since 2013, which has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Newport Regeneration Partnership. This was recognised by the Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council in his press release, which acknowledged the enormous amount of work undertaken by the Partnership and our partners so far.

Our partners come from a variety of organizations, everyone has been welcomed and has played an important role in the progress made to date. We are grateful to Newport Town Council and the surrounding Parishes, Newport Town Team, the Civic Society and many more, for their commitment and dedication and we will be sharing this with the Project Information Group when it meets early in September.

Councillor Eric Carter, Chairman of Newport Regeneration Partnership said “Our Masterplan for Audley Avenue remains our focus for the site and we, with our Partners, will strive to bring this forward. It is a very exciting time for Newport, and for our Communities and for Telford & Wrekin.”

Issued on behalf of Councillor Eric Carter, Chairman

Petition against development of land off Station Road

Jessica Steen of The Den in St. Mary’s Street has started a petition against the building permission for the land just south of Springfield Industrial Estate/off Station Rd.
Link to the petition below:-

Government selling large amount of land around Telford

On pages 16/17 of the document in the link below you will see an awful lot of land to be disposed of in Telford :-

TWC/2016/1152 – Site of Parkland House, The Car Auction Ltd & Land north of Audley Avenue Industrial Estate – Outline planning application for up to 68 dwellings

Revised application with the number of houses reduced from 98 to 68 will go before T&W Plans Committee on 13th June 2018, with a recommendation to approve. Details in the Plans Committee agenda from the link below :-

Newport Neighbourhood Plan Referendum set for green light plus news on Edgmond NDP

Details in the link below:-

Civic Voice submits draft NPPF consultation response and asks if the Government is genuinely listening?

Civic Voice queries whether consultation was tokenistic or a serious approach to solve the nation’s housing crisis

Civic Voice – the authoritative voice of the civic movement – has submitted its final response to the draft National Planning Policy Framework consultation. The response is available here.

Ian Harvey, Executive Director said: “If the report in Planning Magazine over the weekend is true and the Government’s Chief Planner did confirm that the Government has received over 27,000 responses to the draft consultation, we believe that this shows the breadth of feeling across the country about the importance of our planning system.”

Responding to the draft NPPF, Civic Voice is calling for:

1. Given our membership and reach nationwide, we are concerned by the London and South East-centric nature of the NPPF; a greater level of ambition for economic development to is vital to address the viability challenges in some parts of the country.
2. The draft NPPF says much about the importance of design, however, it is our fear that as drafted, high quality design could be seen as a ‘nice to have’ but ‘easy to ignore’ rather than as an essential dimension of good planning.
3. Civic Voice supports the emphasis on early and meaningful engagement with communities within the draft NPPF and we would welcome working with MCHLG to develop the accompanying Planning Practice Guidance on this.
Harvey added: “We agree with the Government that finding a solution to the housing crisis is essential and we really hope that this was not a tokenistic consultation. We must ask, if the Government intends to publish the final document before the end of July, can it realistically be expected to review the thousands of responses comprehensively within a matter of weeks? We look forward to seeing the final document when it is released as it is important that the Government gets this right, because the consequences of getting it wrong will be felt for many years to come.”

Civic Voice President, Griff Rhys Jones finished by saying: “Whilst the Government wants to see the ‘right homes in the right places’, if it doesn’t get this right, it is very likely to end up with the ‘wrong homes in the wrong places. We hope they listen to the voices of communities across England.”

Civic Voice works to make the places where everyone lives more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. We speak up for civic societies and local communities across England. We promote civic pride. We are the new national charity for the civic movement and have a strong local presence. We believe everyone has the right to live somewhere they can be proud of. We know how people feel about places because we feel the same way. Civic societies are the most numerous participants in the planning system. Since its launch in April 2010 Civic Voice has been joined by 290 civic societies with more than 76,000 members.

T&W Report on the public consultation for the proposed changes to various roads in and around Newport

Responses from residents to the public consultation held towards the end of last year following an information event at Cosy Hall have been taken into account by T&W in the report which can be viewed at the link below :-

The information below details the next steps in the process :-

The completed report is attached. This has now been sent to Newport Town Council and the Newport Community Safety Partnership.
The response rate was very low indeed.

Telford & Wrekin Council’s view is that there are certain schemes – which you will see, where we are comfortable to proceed and are now doing so. However there are also schemes that have very little data to support them from a road safety perspective. However the Town Council and Community Safety Partnership may still want to press ahead with those schemes as proposed, even where support is low from the consultation. If that happens Telford & Wrekin Council will need to see the full support and agreement of the Town Council and Community Safety Partnership before undertaking further work.

You should also be aware that for any schemes where a Traffic Regulation Order is required then there is a legal requirement to carry out specific consultation on the individual Traffic Regulation Order. This will allow people to object if they truly disagree with that proposal and Telford & Wrekin Council would need a sound justifiable reason to overcome any objections.

Telford & Wrekin Council is now waiting for Newport Town Council and Newport Community Safety Partnership to review the report findings and come back to us with their proposed way forward.

Inspector rejects Pave Lane quarry appeal

See article in link below:-